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GROUP SHOW July 11, 2014 – August 30, 2014 Opening: Friday, July 11, 2014 | 6 – 9pm Main Gallery
Graphic Thoughts is anexploration of the ways in which design influences how artists convey image-based messages. Drawing from the four pillars of design—shape, form, pattern, and color—each artist in the exhibition uses various medium and technique resulting in a range of works that expand upon thought-generative concepts that push against assumptions of design.
Matt Gonzalez creates complex collage from discarded and re-appropriated advertising and commercial printed matter in order to create a new dialog between the groupings of once disparate texts, imagery and color. Russell Tyler’s oil paintings draw upon the formalities of hard-edge and analogous color studies while turning them on their side with heavy impasto and presence of the hand. Matthew Craven creates mixed media collage that blurs the distinctions between archeology and the contemporary moment, specifically juxtaposing bright color patterns with imagery of ancient Greco-Roman sculpture. Jordan Minardi creates digital graphics, and then employs scanning and rescanning the abstract black imagery as a means to remove previous visual data and represent it in a raw, yet flawed state. Greg Stimac’s photographic images reference the space between fiction and documentary, remarking upon the simple delineations of tone that evokes minimalist landscape. Dan Peterkamines colorful text and imagery then re-contextualizes it to create complex drawings.
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